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A faster way to submit timesheet

Imagine you have been super busy one week, and didn’t find the time to log your time.

But you have made sure to make a note of your activities throughout the week.

Now you dread the process of having to create task, log time and complete task, for so many activities.

And you think, “logging all these, is probably going to take an hour of my time this morning.

Well, not any more.

There is now a faster way!

All you need to do is go to your “Timesheets” page (Activity -> Timesheets), and you will see the new timesheet entry form, on one line.



  1. Enter the name of the task you have worked on
  2. Select the Engagement
  3. [If the Engagement has more than one key deliverable, you will be asked to select which one]
  4. Enter Start and End Time
  5. Click on the LOG TIME button.

And that’s it!

One more thing, this feature works with previously created tasks as well.

As you type in the task, a list of tasks with similar name will show up; allowing you select from an existing list.



Updated on April 3, 2017

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