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Company Structure – Create Departments

Here, we will be adding our company departments on Seegad.

To create departments, click on the “Departments” menu under People parent menu, on page load, you click on the “Add Department” button, a pop-up box will appear, you add the department name, description, the H.O.D (Head of the department) and the people/users that belong to that department.

Add Departments



If your firm is structured in such a way that people don’t necessarily belong to one specific department, then it is best to create a department that is generic enough to handle everyone. For example, If my company has a “Training” department and a “Tax Advisory” department. However a consultant could be in both departments, then I simply ignore the actual structure and instead create a generic department “Consultants”.

In these situations, you also have to ask yourself if you are not confusing “Services” with “Departments”.

Departments don’t really have any importance except as filters, but Services could be used to determine the profitability of a service unit.

Updated on April 13, 2018

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