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Company Structure – Create Grade Levels

Grade Levels refers to the different levels in your organization, for example; Director, Manager, Intern, etc. Every organization has it’s grade levels which has their Salary, Cost Rate and Bill Rate, please contact your accountant to provide you with this information.

To create grade levels, click on the “Grade Level” menu under People parent menu, on page load, you click on the “Add Grade Level” button, please note that, if you are unable to see the “Add Grade Level” button and you are suppose to able to create grade level, that means you don’t have access to that, please contact your administrator.

When you click on the  “Add Grade Level” button, a pop-up box appears where you will enter the Name of the Grade Level, Salary per month, Cost Rate per hour, Bill Rate per Hour and the people/users that belong to that Grade Level.



Updated on October 31, 2016

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