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Getting Started – For Executives

The objective with Seegad is simple.
Drive business growth, by becoming a more efficient firm.

And we have a very simple process to help you achieve this.

Track activities > Measure cost > Reduce Cost > Increase Profit.

Seegad provides your business with the time tracking tools you need to

  1. Stay on top of business activities
  2. Track your cost of doing business
  3. Measure your profit across projects and clients
  4. Determine unprofitable clients
  5. Motivate under-performing teams.

As an executive, the first thing you need to do on Seegad is setup your business structure. If you delegated this responsibility, then you must absolutely verify that your business structure is properly setup on Seegad.

Read this tutorial on how to setup your company structure.

After setting up your company structure, you should invite other employees (you may invite just the managers that report directly to you, they will in turn invite their team).

Next is to inform your managers to begin putting all active projects on Seegad.

Once managers put in all active projects/engagements, then your people can begin to track their activities on those engagements with Seegad.

There is absolutely no need to wait for a new project, you need to start tracking your cost from today; and you can start in the middle of a project.

If you are also involved in managing people and client engagements, then you should read Getting Started –  For Managers.

Updated on April 5, 2017

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