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Getting Started – For Managers

Seegad is an amazing tool for keeping track of the work your people do. With Seegad, you can measure how efficient your team is, and how well your team is executing various client projects.

Before reading on, it is important you first go through Getting Started – For Everyone.

One of the first things you need to do as a manager, is to create all the engagements your people are working on. An engagement is simply anything that engages your people and will include client projects, internal administrative tasks and some pre-sale activities.

Once you have created the engagements and broken them down into key deliverables, all that is left to do is follow-up with your team to make sure they record their activities against this engagements.

It is also important to show leadership by recording your own activities. You do not need to put in all activities for the engagement, simply start with the ones you are doing today. One of such activities could be “Team management” to capture the time you spend discussing with your team.

After you have entered your own activities, you may also go ahead and assign activities to your team. You do this by going to the “My Team” page.

my team

On “My Team”, you can assign tasks to your team using the one line form at the top. You simply input the task, select who you want to assign it to from the dropdown, set a deadline date and time, and then select an engagement. If the engagement has more than one key deliverable, another dropdown will show up asking you to select which key deliverable.

If you need to assign the task to more than one person, do not worry, simply select the person you want in charge. After you add the task, you can then view the task and add the others as collaborators. Everyone will get notified of this new task.

It is also easy to see what has been accomplished by your team. All you need to do is go to the “Timesheets” page (also under “Activity”).


On the Timesheets page, you can see all that has been done, and how long each activity took. You may also choose to see all activity as a calendar view or a list.

You may make use of the filter functions, for example you could filter by user to see what a particular person as been up to. Or you could filter by engagement, to see all that has been done on a client work.

With the combination of My Team and Timesheets, you have the tools you need to manage your work and your people.

Updated on October 31, 2016

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