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How to add a team member to an engagement phase

A Project Phase is a way to observe, measure and monitor the progress and/or performance of an engagement. Project Phases, in general, exist as intermediate stages that must be fulfilled before reaching a final goal or objective.

Please note that only users with Manager, Administrator and Executive Roles are able to see/edit/add their team members to a project phase.

A team member with no managerial role will not be able to add his/her team members to any engagement phase. If you’re supposed to have access and you don’t, kindly start a discussion with your administrator for access. Click here to see how to.

For more information about understanding user roles, please click here.

Now, for users with managerial access, to add a team member to a project phase, please click on the Engagement whose phases you want to add a team member to (see screenshot below)

When you see the engagement details page, by the extreme right, select the user you want to add to the project phase and click on the invite icon and the user will be invited and have access to the project phase.



Updated on April 17, 2018

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