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How to create an engagement

Engagements are planned set of interrelated tasks to be executed over a fixed period and within certain cost and other limitations.

Before we go ahead creating an engagement, please click here to read the 3 types of engagements for a better understanding.

Having read the engagement types, we are going to create a Client Project engagement type; which refers to the engagements for clients.

To create an engagement, click on the “engagement” sub-menu under Engagements menu, on page load, you will see the list of engagements already created. Please note that, if you don’t have a Project Manager Role/Access, you won’t see or have access to the “ADD ENGAGEMENT” button  – screenshot below


Please click on the “ADD ENGAGEMENT” button, on page load, we will select the Client Project radio button and click on continue ( see screenshot below), but, we can choose from the list of templates created, if any, click here to read on how to create multiple projects/engagements using a template.


On page load after clicking on “Continue”, we will enter the project details, while entering the Engagement name, an intellisense will display the list of existing engagements that matches the engagement you might want to create, to avoid repetition.


Upon successfully creating the engagement, we will have to create the Phases for the project and plan for them using the budget planner tool, meanwhile, Phases for engagements/projects can also be referred to as milestones or stages of the engagements/projects that need to be met.

Please note that a default Phase will be created (with the engagement name) upon successfully creating the engagement.

A budget planner is a tool needed to plan the execution of an engagement. Simply put; how an engagement will be executed can only be drawn out or mapped out with this tool. Please click here to learn more

Budget Planner




Updated on May 25, 2017

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