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How to log your activities

UPDATE: There is now a faster way to log your activities on Seegad. If you only need to submit your activity for the day, please click this link https://gethelp.seegad.com/knowledge-base/a-faster-way-to-submit-timesheet/

If you already maintain a to-do list, please read on.

On Seegad, you are expected to log the duration spent on a task assigned to you or you are working on, as this help gives your supervisor/manager a detailed report when viewing your timesheet.

To log your activity:

  • ¬†Click on the name of the task, a pop-up box will appear
  • To select the date, click on the calendar icon, and select the date you want to log time (see image 1.0 below).

Image 1.0


  • To select/enter time, click on the clock icon beneath the calendar pop-up (see image 1.0 above). You can decide to toggle the hour or minute to select the hour or minute, or you can use the up and down arrow, also, you can toggle the AM/PM to select (see image 1.1 below).

Image 1.1


  • Enter a remark for the task if any and
  • Click on the Log time button. Please also know that you can also log your commute time, i.e time spent on the road when working on a task, to enter your commute time, please click on “enter commute time”, and input the time in the boxes that will appear below.

Please note that, you will not be able Log your time if your Bill Rate, Cost Rate or Salary is not updated in your profile settings and also if you are trying to log time that is in the future, that is, if the current time is 4:55 PM and you want to log 5:56 PM as your end time. Please click here to access and update your profile.


Updated on July 31, 2017

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