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Understanding Timesheet

Timesheet is where you see a calendar view of what you and everyone has been up to, on every project/engagement.

Timesheet View

It is also possible to log your time directly on this page using the simple one line for at the top. See “A faster way to submit timesheet” for more explanation on how to log your time here.

On the Timesheet page, you can click on the “Show Metrics” link (right beside the date displayed on the left) to see your performance metrics. See “Understanding your performance metrics” for more information on this.

Important things to note

You will only be able to see timesheet for another person if that person reports to you (that’s the person has selected you as their manager), or you are a user with administrative or executive privilege.

You cannot log your time without first setting a cost rate and bill rate on your profile. You can learn more about setting your cost rate and bill rate here.

You will only be able to log time to a project/engagement you are part of. If you don’t see a project/engagement in the select dropdown, then it has either not been created or you are not part of it. In both cases, get in touch with the person responsible for that project (project manager) and ask him/her to create the project or add you to the project.

Updated on April 13, 2018

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