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Understanding user roles

Here, we will be explaining the user roles for a better understanding. Currently, we have 5 user roles on Seegad.

1. Staff: This is the default role. Users will staff role are able to  create task, assign task, submit expense and can be assigned to lead a project. They are unable to create projects or clients.

2. Manager: This is a Project Manager role. This role is able to do everything a Staff can do, plus ability to create clients, projects and set budgets.

3. Accountant: The Accountant role is for the company accountant or finance officer. The user with this role is able to set cost&bill rates for all users, approve expenses, create and manage incomes..

4. Administrator: This roles is able to do everything except view reports.

5. Executives: This roles is able to do everything including view reports.


Updated on March 9, 2018

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