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Updates to Seegad – Feb 2018

In this February update, we moved things around a bit, but everything should still feel familiar. Here is a list of changes you will notice.

  • The Home page has been removed. When you login, you are immediately taken to your timesheet page. We got feedback that the Home page was too cluttered. Most people simply want to go in, and submit their timesheet.
  • My Tasks and My Team has been merged in To-do. After much deliberation, we concluded there was no need to have 2 separate pages for task management. You can assign tasks to yourself and your team from To-do.
  • Just enter the number of hours (and minutes). When submitting your timesheet, on the timesheet page, you no longer need to choose a start time and a stop time. The feedback we got was that most people fill their timesheet on Fridays, and it is difficult to remember exact start and stop times. Now, you only need select a start time, and enter the duration (in hours and minutes).
  • Tasks have been properly categorised. Previously, you usually find most of your open tasks in the “TODAY” tab. But we have worked on the logic to make sure “TODAY” means today. So only tasks that are due today will be seen in “TODAY” tab. What this means is, most of your open tasks will now be in “PAST DUE” tab.This is how tasks are categorised.“TODAY”-  Only tasks that are due today.

    “THIS WEEK” –  Tasks that are due between tomorrow and end of the week (Saturday)

    “LATER” –  Tasks that are due next week or later.

    “COMPLETED” –  Tasks that are completed.

    “PAST DUE” –  Tasks that are still open but already due .

  • Long overdue tasks are cleaned-up. Tasks that are past due for more than 3 months are now automatically closed by the system. If you have a task that should never end, for example “Team meetings”, please make use of the sticky tasks feature. The feature allows you mark a task as never ending.

That’s it. All other updates are under the hood (i.e. non-visual) improvements.

We appreciate your feedback, so let us know how you feel about this update. We are always at bottom right corner of Seegad, that little orange chat button.

Updated on February 22, 2018

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