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What are Sticky tasks?

Pinned or Sticky Tasks are tasks that will occur frequently over a long period of time.

For example, “Team meeting with Jesse” is likely to happen for as long as Jesse is still with the company. Before now, you would have to create the task each time you want to have a session with Jesse, and then complete it afterwords or maybe never even complete it, in which case, it clutters your task list. However, with Sticky tasks, you can just pin “Team meeting with Jesse” as a Sticky task, and it will always be there (at the top), away from your Today tasks.

This is an exciting feature for people who like to stay productive and organised, because it means your “Today” tasks will no longer be cluttered with overdue tasks that are not necessarily today [which you are unable to mark as complete because you might end up doing them tomorrow or next week or even next month].

How to use the Sticky task

To pin any task as Sticky, click on the arrow to the right to display a dropdown of possible actions . See screenshot below.


One of the actions on the dropdown is “Pin as Sticky Task”, click on this action, then click Yes on the confirmation box and your task will be pinned.

To view your stick tasks, put your mouse over the Sticky note icon at the top right (the sticky icon is right beside the bell icon close to your profile name).



Once you put your mouse over the sticky icon, your pinned tasks will drop (as in the screenshot below). You can click on any task on the list to display the familiar task view popup.

Updated on March 23, 2017

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