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This page lists the work we do on Seegad.

We work on Seegad everyday, improving the way it works, adding new features and ensuring the product delivers on its promise –  to be the best tool for measuring profit, managing people and driving growth!.

If you are hoping to find a new feature or issue fix, but it’s not listed here; Please click here to tell us about it. You never know, we may just bump it up our priority list.

May 2017

  • A Budget Planner. Learn more.
  • Work in Progress (WIP) Report now includes department information.
  • “Mark as Won” feature to convert a prospect into an active client engagement.
  • No longer possible to add income to non-billable engagements.
  • Agreed Fees is now a required input for active or billable engagements.
  • Display person that created an engagement on “Details” tab
  • Links entered in expense remarks, task remarks or comments are now clickable.

April 2017

  • Improve load speed for “Teams” tab under engagement.
  • Fixed issue with removing an employee from an engagement
  • Fixed minor issues with export to Excel feature.
  • You can now log your time without creating tasks. Learn more.
  • You can now hide metric on Timesheets page to make room for calendar.
  • You can also log time on existing tasks from the Timesheets page.
  • Expense “Approve & Pay” button available to managers or executives with “Company Accountant” role.

March 2017

  • Fixed issues with updating payments entered in QuickBooks.
  • Fix computation error with Profit Margin
  • Fixed issues with Last Seen section under Metrics report page
  • New Sticky Tasks feature. So you don’t have to always create tasks you do frequently. Learn more.
  • Fixed some issues with logging time.
  • You can now filter tasks on user profile.

February 2017

  • Do not load all completed tasks. Load only recently completed.
  • Sign In to Seegad with Intuit QuickBooks
  • “Remember me” feature now available when you sign in.
  • Export to Excel for Performance metrics page.
  • Add more filters to Export to Excel feature on Timesheets.
  • Administrators can now create engagements with minimal information.

January 2017

  • Include an “All Users” option in the user filter for Timesheets.
  • Remove financial metrics for internal engagements
  • Set start time and end time to last logged time.
  • The head of a department (HoD) can now see timesheet of everyone in the department except for those on the same grade level (or above) as the HoD.
  • Desktop notifications – Get notified on Seegad activities even when you are not logged into Seegad.
  • Fixed calculation of adoption rate value.
  • You can now filter Activity report with just the end date.
  • You can now save an engagement as a template for future use.
  • Improved Activity report page to improve speed.
  • Task deleted under one tab is removed on other tabs as well.
  • You can now upload files under income and expense.
  • Issues with missing discussions fixed.
  • Activity report can now be exported to Excel.
  • When creating new engagements or clients, records with similar name are displayed to avoid entry duplication.
  • You can now close engagements to prevent additional timesheet entry.
  • You can now re-open engagements.
Updated on May 25, 2017

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